Resignation of the President of the Senate

24 September 2021

Scott Ryan deserves to be remembered as one of the great presidents of the Australian Senate.

After assuming the presidency in unexpected circumstances and at a critical juncture in 2017, he has discharged the responsibilities of his office fairly and with distinction.

A strong believer in liberalism and democracy, during his tenure Scott Ryan has defended and enhanced the role of the Senate and the privileges of the Parliament.

He has a deep understanding of, and personal commitment to, the role and importance of the Senate in our democracy.

The pathway from minister to president is not unprecedented, but it is unusual.

Throughout his time in office, Scott Ryan has used his executive experience wisely to inform his decisions, not to favour the Government, consistent with the impartiality and objectivity that are essential qualities for any president.

As the Opposition, we have welcomed this even-handed approach.

Scott Ryan has worked hard to be a consultative president, another essential quality of a holder of the position.

Personally, I am grateful for his collegiality and trust.

Much of the president’s role over the last eighteen months has involved extensive discussions with public health and other officials to ensure the Parliament has continued to meet throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, an additional task that Scott Ryan has performed admirably.

I wish Scott Ryan and his family well for the future.

Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra.