Schoolkids Bonus at Westport Primary School

Penny with Steve Georganas at Westport Primary School

On a clear, cold Adelaide morning I visited Westport Primary School with Steve Georganas, the Member for Hindmarsh. After a warm welcome from Principal Rebecca Huddy, we met with parents and children arriving at school to discuss the new Schoolkids Bonus.

Sometimes it can be difficult to meet the cost of your child’s schooling. Whether it be books, clothing, school excursions or stationery, educational expenses can start to add up.

That’s why the Labor Government has introduced the Schoolkids Bonus. The payment will provide eligible families $410 for each primary school student and $820 for each high school student, to help with textbooks, uniforms and other school necessities.

The Schoolkids Bonus will be automatic so there’s no need for parents to keep receipts. It will replace the Education Tax Rebate from March 2013. And so that nobody misses out, families who are eligible for the Education Tax Rebate this year will receive the payment in full.

Visit the Australian Government’s Human Services website for more information on the Schoolkids Bonus.