A Clean Energy Future is just around the corner

On July 1 the Australian Government will be introducing a price on carbon. Putting a price on carbon is an important part of the fight against climate change.

The carbon price will only directly affect around 500 of Australia’s largest polluters. While some goods and services may increase slightly in price, this increase will be compensated for through the Government’s Household Assistance Package. Nine out of ten Australian households will receive compensation in the form of direct payments and tax cuts. Many Australian households will actually receive more money than the projected cost of the carbon price. And, if you can become more energy efficient, then you’ll be even further in front!

Despite the negative, ill-informed fear campaign that Tony Abbott and the Coalition are peddling, the impacts of the Clean Energy Future package will be small. In fact, the projected impact is expected to be only one-third of the economic impact of the GST.

Australia must move to a lower-pollution economy, for the sake of our children. Along the way, we will become world leaders in developing cleaner, more efficent energy technologies, putting us in the best possible position as the world moves towards renewable energy sources.

For more information about how the Clean Energy Future package will affect you, and to calculate how much assistance you are eligible for, please visit cleanenergyfuture.gov.au